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Arrow into Blossom

In a teaching workshop during last year’s fall Ango at my Zen Buddhist temple, I was inspired to do a quick thumbnail sketch of an idea for an illustration. The concept I wanted to encapsulate within it I had gotten … Continue reading

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On Inspiration and Envy

I, for one, am deeply inspired by almost everything. Alright, I confess folding laundry, cleaning cat boxes, and gossips clucking away like neurotic hens don’t make the list; but otherwise almost everything. I fall in love a hundred times a … Continue reading

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Wren Day or Lá an Dreoilín

THE EAGLE AND THE WREN. 1 The Eagle and the Wren once tried who could fly highest, and the victor was to be king of the birds. So the Wren flew straight up, and the Eagle flew in great circles, and … Continue reading

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