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Lúnasa 2019

Lughnasadh, Lughnasa, Lúnasa, is the name of the calendar month of august in Irish, it is also an ancient harvest festival. Lughnasa is the month when I pause to look at the work I am committed to, celebrate it, and begin identifying what to reconsider. Ultimately it is the time to ask the question “What do I want to engage in a relationship with and how?”. This, of course, can be applied to people. Ultimately, for me, it becomes a matter of deciding where to spend this precious thing called life. Continue reading

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Into the Woods

Today I am feeling very empowered. Lupus is a true mystery and it started making itself known to me right before my 30th birthday. Not until about 10 years later did treatment begin, and even now I find loose threads … Continue reading

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