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Wren Day or Lá an Dreoilín

THE EAGLE AND THE WREN. 1 The Eagle and the Wren once tried who could fly highest, and the victor was to be king of the birds. So the Wren flew straight up, and the Eagle flew in great circles, and … Continue reading

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Red Fire Dragon (celtic knotwork)

Here she is finished and fiery! The design phase took the longest and went through many detours to arrive here. I indulged my delight in painting her, and used up more of my dwindling, discontinued Vermillion Red by Winsor and … Continue reading

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Raven Knotwork for Calendar

About two weeks ago I started designing the custom knot work for the calendar page. The calendar was too boxy and plain. Not that I need any excuse to dive into designing original knotwork, since it’s deeply relaxing and meditative … Continue reading

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