Artist Bio & Statement

Branna O'Dea

Branna O’Dea

Mystery, myth, and nature are the woven threads of inspiration for me.

My artistic influences include Celtic illuminated manuscripts, the archeological treasures of the Celtic lands, the watercolor techniques of Andrew Wyeth and Brian Froud, and themes in mythical literature. My deep love of the natural world and all within continue to drive me to seek a deeper connection through art.

I do my watercolor primarily in dry brush technique. By carefully structuring layers of pigments to achieve depth, texture, and character; I slowly build a detailed rendering of my subject. I infuse both traditional and innovative techniques to create a distinct look that is often mistaken for oil.

My choice of materials reflects a reverence and duty to the sustainability of life. In this, I select the highest quality materials from natural and recycled products. Currently, I explore the old world methods of creating paint from clean, natural minerals and oxides.