Lúnasa 2019

Grecian Harvest Home by James Barry

Grecian Harvest Home
by James Barry

August came with bold promise and has delivered an ample harvest, thus far. It is kind of ironic that part of the strive for a simple and meaningful life means a flurry of activity geared toward that endeavor. It is part of being free, the chief ingredient in that endeavor is mindfulness.

Lughnasadh, Lughnasa, Lúnasa, is the name of the calendar month of august in Irish, it is also an ancient harvest festival. Lughnasa is the month when I pause to look at the work I am committed to, celebrate it, and begin identifying what to reconsider. Ultimately it is the time to ask the question “What do I want to engage in a relationship with and how?”. This, of course, can be applied to people. Ultimately, for me, it becomes a matter of deciding where to spend this precious thing called life. Now, near the end of the month, the last of that effort is nearing completion.

Given the nature of having multiple chronic illnesses in tow, it can be difficult to set reasonable goals in the ebb and flow of disease activity.  With my art, I have focused this summer on Juried shows over exhibits and it has been fun interacting with the community I live in, in this way.

In June, I won first place in People’s Choice Award for Art in the Park and here on August 1st, I found out that I had won 5 ribbons out of the 6 pieces I entered into a local Juried Show held at the Wood County Fair. It is rather encouraging, especially because I discovered areas to improve in.

On the order of successes is also: confronting my ex in court over his two-page list of made-up claims about being denied visitation, which was all completely dismissed. The result was ordered accommodations that my daughter has been needing for a while, which include simple things like a dresser or storage place to keep personal things. In addition, he was given a deadline to begin making payments on the 5k he owes me.

I’ve have made some solid initiative on many projects such as selecting my burial plot, homesteading projects, and the 101 myriads of things that come with a legal name change.

On October 31st, 2017 I made the announcement that I decided to adapt my nickname as my name, as well as take on an ancestral name on my mother’s side of the family as a last name. It was a  multifaceted decision if you are curious, bored, or both you can read more about that here: Is mise Branna, I am Branna

On that endeavor, to move into this nearing the second half of my life thing, I have set many things in motion. What becomes apparent as we age is that we are always sorting elements of life to weed or cultivate, as it were. There is no shortage of ideas to throw ones many talents at, and while I am always going to be eclectic, to some degree; I must narrow down the primary focal points if I am ever going to enjoy the juicy depths of them. The fruits of that labor are quite evident in the progress that has been made this year, sufficiently so that I know I will spend the winter in considerable discernment to do more.

Do what is Difficult was my theme for the year, and I have a lot more work to do before the end. Mostly, because I still get anxious in the early phase of confrontation. It is the result of having to suffer the pettiness of ego-driven behavior in others. I have learned to shed that feeling and throw it in the fire. I have faith in something bigger and I have learned to be free.

One thing is for certain. I must streamline and reduce what I do on social media. That one is very hard because I appreciate all the people I know in the far reaches of the world. I am inspired by, learn from, and care about so many people, and I love the exchange. However, the rabbit hole of SM has it’s own gravity and its gravity can interfere with that of my own sense of purpose and meaning. So, I have many decisions to make on the precarious and hard to find fulcrum at that juxtapose.

For now, though, I am celebrating this season of harvest!



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