Winter’s Peace

Winter's Peace

Winter’s Peace
Watercolor and Ink

Winter has a magic and peacefulness all of its own. It stirs a sense of wonder in me and I relish its stillness. It leaves me longing to be cloistered in my solitude creating and surrounded by the warmth of loved ones.

My family and friends are strewn all over; and while I often think of them, I’m not always the best at staying in touch. Modern life and technology provide a lot of distractions that do not help make up for the distance. Lupus is no help there either, but this year I was able to finish this project I started years ago and get it ready for printing on cards. I’ve enjoyed working on it tremendously.

Transfer of line drawing with detail added.

Masking with first washes of base tones. Setting the foreground tone early helps you understand if you’ve sufficiently toned the background. Once you remove all the masking, it’s nearly impossible to add more background washes.

Layering Indigo and Pthalo to make the sky recede into a crisp cold night

After toning down the sky more with a wash of neutral tint, I removed the masking and set middle ground tones

Building middle ground layers, but not so much detail to compete with the foreground.

Building layers of textures, shadow, and highlights.

Now, I am just waiting for printed materials to come in, so that I may spread some holiday cheer out through the mail!

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