Wolvren detail

Wolvren (Character Sketch)

This is an updated detail of the gruesomely handsome beast I’ve been creating. Much more work to do as you can see; but it is coming along well. The hair under the chin is too clean and needs to be dirtier and tinged with blood. The most challenging part of working in this digital medium is that I do not have a tablet. Hmm… maybe I’ll keep my eye out on Craigslist. Knowing how to manipulate brushes in photoshop has proven a valuable thing.

It sprang from a writing project that was started this past winter. I was having a hard time describing this beast; So I thought having a visual reference would help me. It’s a very wicked thing. Not as wicked as the Soulbound; yet brutal all the same.

Wolvren with models

Wolvren with models


  • heals 300% faster than regular animals
  • has hide 4x thicker
  • has near human intelligence but total killer
  • has ability to smell two types of magic
  • has saliva full of deadly bacteria
  • has high endurance, can go 3 days without sleep
  • hunts and eats magical creatures, beasts, and humans. When there is multiple prey it uses its bone breaking jaws to quickly eat the heart where the most intense area of magical essence resides in a body… the essence feeds it’s on magical abilities which are stealth silence, echoe call to hide its location, and limited protection from magic


  •  limited numbers as it is nearly impossible to breed them despite their longevity
  • when they are slumbering they are nearly defenseless,except for the sentry who is often the weakest in pack
  • only the alpha is allowed the first or singular target, once alpha is dead few in the pack will continue to hunt and they are weaker
  • when in the heat of the attack they become frenzied/lustful and it overtakes their iq causing them to act on animal instinct
  • They can not heal from enchanted blades and heal normally from damage by other magical creatures
  • When the alpha is damaged enough the pack can be frenzied to attack their wounded and become disoriented.
  • Enchanters can mask their magic from detection by the Wolvren , some completely
  • an magic user with sword skills has a strong chance to survive
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