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Hackberry Emperor

  I have been polishing up some of the paintings in my Watercolor Journal. This Hackberry Emperor is one of several butterfly species I had the pleasure of having as a guest in my garden. This fellow landed on the … Continue reading

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Murmuration and Censorship

“Life is a beautiful dance, sometimes people step on your toes, sometimes you find you have crunched a toe, sometimes its the song you love, and sometimes not. Don’t let anyone tell you you are not allowed to sing and dance! If someone is struggling to sing and dance send them some music and a kiss on the wind as a blessing.” Continue reading

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Meán Fómhair, 3, 2019

Diary Seminar. In the 3rd item, from the assignment, we had to begin a biographical narrative about someone else and morph it into our own. I think I could have been more creative there, and it might be a fun … Continue reading

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