Junco in Snow

Junco in Snow
Graphite sketch with water-based markers and paint pens

Junco’s are a winter favorite of mine, and cheerily visit our feeders several times throughout the day. This month’s Artsnacks box provided a challenging mix of materials to work with. In the end, with lots of media test with less than favorable results, I discovered that Legion Paper’s tree-free paper, made from, is a fun surface to work with using graphite. Unfortunately, Molotow’s chrome paint pen really doesn’t show up well in the scan.


This month’s sample items include the following.

    • Molotow Liquid Chrome: Chrome 703.101 mirror-like finish which is absolutely lovely in person but will not photograph easily. It is however perfect for detailing models in this .1mm size.
    • Amsterdam Acrylic Maker: White 105 opaque 2mm round tip, water-based.
    • Caran D’Ache Grafwood pencil: This was a fat 5B, 775,  wooden pencil. A rich smooth dark finish. The benefit over a wood pencil is that the lead allows for softer pressure than those of mechanical pencils.
    • Tombow TwinTone: Dual tip water-based marker. I received two unlabeled shades of blue.
    • Legion Yupo Medium Paper:  Medium tree-free surface. The biggest challenge with this surface is that it is non-absorbant. I did a fairly extensive media test and was only comfortable working with graphite on this surface. Graphite can be lifted off very easily which can guarantee nice contrasts. However, I’m not confident of anything lasting on this surface over time without flaking off.

Media Test 1

Media Test 2

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