Red Fire Dragon (celtic knotwork)

Red Dragon Celtic Knotwork

Red Dragon Celtic Knotwork

Here she is finished and fiery! The design phase took the longest and went through many detours to arrive here. I indulged my delight in painting her, and used up more of my dwindling, discontinued Vermillion Red by Winsor and Newton. A color, I deeply love, in its original form, ground up beetles et all.

Dragon Head Detail

Dragon Head Detail

Deconstructed Forms

Deconstructed Forms


  • Canvas: Strathmore 400 series 140lb cold press paper
  • Paint: Winsor and Newton Artists’ Water Colour: Winsor Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Vermillion Red, Winsor Red (deep), Permanent Sap Green, Neutral Tint, Ivory Black
  • Brushes: Princeton Neptune Round 0, 2 and Scribe
  • Mediums: Gum Arabic
  • Powders: Metalic powder Light Gold
  • Other: Q-Tips, H2 pencil, flour sackcloth.
Red Dragon Painting - Phase 2

Red Dragon Painting – Phase 2
Here the Vermillion is brought in to create some contrast to Cadmium Red. Both are pure red pigments used to create shading and contrast. This is accomplished by both layerings with various thickness of the paint and layering of the pigments on top of one another to highlight or shade.

Red Dragon Painting - Phase 3

Red Dragon Painting – Phase 3
Here the shaping is being built by adding contrast. It’s best to avoid using black to tone.

Red Dragon Painting - Phase 4

Red Dragon – Celtic Knotwork
Here the dragon has received the fine detailing and will soon get claws and a completed sphere.

Dragon Door Knocker insipiration for Celtic knotwork dragon

Dragon Door knocker found on Pinterest
This image inspired the creation of this Celtic knotwork dragon.

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