Today I ordered my first shipment from ArtSnacks. It was a Valentine gift for myself, a tradition I started about 10 years ago. It’s important to nurture the most sacred parts of the self. Creativity is definitely one for me.

I had read many reviews about the shipments and the service before deciding to have this playful adventure. My decision, foremost, was made based on my personal eudaimonismos, or system of happiness. It had to meet certain criteria to not conflict with my other goals, with simplifying my life and my anti-consumerism leanings.

First, of those criteria is it has to foster meaningfulness; not necessary for clothing or things of basic need, while essential outside of that. I have to know that it connects to my spiritual goals already, and that it can produce positive outcomes. With my chronic health problems, this is proven therapy on many symptoms and conditions.

Second, of those criteria is it has to be useful and un-wasted. I have to make solid use of it. If I use it in one art piece, even if just an exercise. Then I have to hand it on to someone else if I know I wont use it or set it aside for an Art Supply Trade Up. It will find a happy home and be well used, even if not by me.

Last, I have to make efforts to make it pay for itself. Being disabled means very limited funds and this great money management tip is a must do for my income. My choice is to work to my usual standard and quality, experimental media in stride, and list them for sale and or auction. At low enough prices to just cover the costs. After all, this exercise particularly is about play and exploration, in the self, and with the media used.

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