ArtSnacks March 2016, Happy Birthday!

ArtSnacks March 2016 (opened box)

ArtSnacks March 2016 #Unboxing #ArtSnacks

Today I received my first shipment from ArtSnacks. I enjoyed the excitement and anticipation before it arrived. I had to keep reminding myself of the goals and commitments I made in conjunction with ordering the subscription. Today I also learned that it is ArtSnacks 3rd Birthday! Hooray for them! What a fun business to embark upon.

ArtSnacks March 2016 Pin to celebrate 3rd Anniversary

ArtSnacks March 2016 Pin to celebrate 3rd Anniversary

The Artsnacks package is featured open here. It was packed very well and thoughtfully, fully using the space and reducing environmental impact of the shipping. Everything looks lovely and pristine. I especially love the minimal packaging, and that the items are from large orders and not individually packaged.

ArtSnacks March 2016

ArtSnacks March 2016 supplies

The contents are opened up here and you can see the supplies listed on the photo of the supply card below. It was reading the supply card and then getting to see what colors you get.

  • KUM Automatic Long Point Sharpener: Red color.
  • Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencil: King Fisher
  • KOH-i-Noor Woodless Colored Pencil: Paris Blue
  • Posca Paint Marker: Light Blue
  • Liquitex Professional Paint Marker: Vivid Lime Green
  • RENDR Paper (Bonus Item): Sample booklet


The colors scream SPRING, and nothing says spring more than frogs. There it is; I’m already inspired to create a lovely blue frog! Not my usual medium, but that’s what makes it a creative exercise.

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