ArtSnacks December 2016: Unboxing

Artsnacks November2016

Artsnacks November2016

December came in quite suddenly, or perhaps winter always seems to seize us, unexpectedly, with cold here in the midwestern USA. Fortunately, some bright colorful art supplies came in early. This package is very flexible in potential uses, so let’s get to reviewing them.

Artsnacks November 2016

Artsnacks November 2016 Unboxing

  • Caran d’Ache Discovery Set:This starter package included 5 colors plus a blender. As a colored pencil goes, they blend pretty fairly, naturally not as good as my SpectraColor set; but a high quality product compared to most discovery brands. They are quite soft and do not require a great deal of pressure. What I enjoy most, is how fluidly the blend with water. For strong pigmentation with water it is best to layer heavily before using water. Most papers will not easily hold up to cycles of rubbing and painting. If you want to add more pigment try blending on freezer paper.
  • KUM Sharpener:This Magnesium Long Point Kum is a quality product. The most important feature of any sharpener is the ability to replace the blade. Second is the availability of blades. This little guy is very light weight and small, great for use on the go.
  • Higgins Black Magic Ink Pump Maker:Higgins Black Magic Marker provides deep rich, matte coverage. It is not too juicy, light pressure delivers a very solid line; and resists water well. If you are precise, and practice you can get a pretty decent point even from this thick nib. The only downside is that you have to squish the nib to pump it, as with many pump markers and pens. After pumping, roll the nib back and forth on a piece of scrap paper to help the nib regain it’s pre-pump shape. Though if you like thick chunky lines, there’s no need.
  • Stabilo Maker Pen:Point 88 Fineliner, mine was a magenta color. This water-based marker will both blend into the color pencils with a wet brush and write crisply on top of them. I loved the very precise point.
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