ArtSnacks Challenge November 2016

ArtSnack Challenge November 2016 Goldfish

ArtSnack Challenge November 2016

What a lovely opportunity to play with a compliment color scheme. I tried forever to sort out what to do with that orange and eventually my daughter’s goldfish,. inspired me. As I was working with the final piece, I noticed that the brush had a wee bit of Winsor & Newton’s iridescent medium in it. Fortunately, it worked quite well with this background. Once I shared the image on instagram, it was reposted out to the community. The community aspect of the internet makes art so much more dynamic.

Below is the study where I practiced and got to know the media better and refine the character of our little fishy.

ArtSnack Challenge November 2016 Study

ArtSnack Challenge November 2016 Study

ArtSnacks November media test

ArtSnacks November
Quick media test

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