AP Instagram Feed

Recently, Instagram changed it’s API and that rendered several plug-ins obsolete, which included the one I had been using. It was a great app and I was very pleased with it. Unfortunately, it was not being updated. I, regretably, had to return to hunting for a plugin that would feed my websites needs.

This time, I read the support and service threads behind the plugin, as well as price and design. Fortunately, I cam across AP Instagram Feed Pro. The Pro version came with the options I was hunting for, had a fantastic price, and to top it all off, great customer support and service.

It only took a brief time to configure; and just like magic, my feed was back up. It is so amazingly flexible and clean! Below is my main streaming content and to the right, in the sidebare, my content via a hashtag.

[ap_instagram_feed_pro id=”3″]

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