Watercolor Wednesday: Strawberry Study

Strawberry Watercolor painting by Brenda D. Baker


Happy to have finished the last of the details on my strawberry study. The painting was originally started to teach an introductory lesson in meticulous dry brush techniques. The strawberry has some complicated textures but is because the brush strokes and blending are simpler it made for a good introduction.

With living things my goal is always to make them appear vivid enough in their own character that they have breath of their own. That they appear like they could move, grow, be eaten; just that they have an air that make them to be more than cold plain realism. I also love it when my work inspires people to get closer and notice more of the beauty in these things in their everyday life.

Strawberry Detail

Strawberry Detail


  • Canvas: Strathmore 400 series 140lb coldpress paper
  • Paint: Winsor and Newton Artists’ Water Colour: Naples Yellow, Aureolin, Alizarin Crimpson, Permanent Magenta, Winsor Red (deep), Permanent Sap Green, Prussian Blue, Neutral Tint, Ivory Black, Chinese White.
  • Brushes: Round 000, 00, 2
  • Mediums: Gum Arabic
  • Other: Q-Tips, H2 pencil, toothpicks, masking fluid, flour sack cloth.
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