Windsor & Newton Ink Competition

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I stumbled upon Windsor & Newton’s Ink Competition through their FB Page. They created an FB App for promoting and for the application process, which was amazingly successful when you look at the number and diversity of entries. Mostly I wanted to interact and connect with other artists through the competition, as I do through social media in general.  Competitions, group/themed exhibits, and all aspects of the internet help pull us seclusive creatures out of the woodwork.

Working in pen and ink can be intimidating when you choose to stick to just black and white. Somehow Stippling frees the constraints of that for me. It is very time consuming but easy to do while watching tv. I didn’t have time to create something fresh and new, so I submitted my Zebra Colt stippling from my Illustration I class from my second year at Kendall College of Art and Design.

Getting feedback from other artists is also deeply gratifying for me. I get to know what I’m communicating and how people feel when they see my work. What I like best is seeing people connect with my subject, all art aside.

While the zebra stippling was not selected for the ink competition, it was one of the most popular images. I was very humbled by all the wonderful comments I received. I have one more use in mind for the digital image of the zebra, aside from the painting the actual physical piece “African Sunrise”. I encourage you to take a peek at the winning images, they are fun and very diverse! My favorite is the colorful “Inky Octopus” by Hayley Chan!


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