Willow Tree Nymph

Today’s Fantasy Friday sketch is a Willow Tree Nymph; whose inspiration came as part of brainstorming for a brand logo/identity piece. Given the long flowing strands the willow tree makes, I decided to use them to replicate the hair of the willow nymph.

As willow tree nymphs go, probably the most famous was Aigle. She was one of the Hesperides in Greek mythology. The three nymphs who kept Hera’s orchard often took the shape of a tree when in the presence of humans; Aigle ever choosing to transform into a willow.

Willows have numerous symbolic associations; including healing, moon, water, binding, and witchcraft. However, it is far more interesting that the willow has an honored place in so many religious traditions; including Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and many pagan beliefs both past and present.

Ultimately, the willow was chosen to make use of alliteration, and a facial image chosen that is serene and can be identified with on some basic level. Both alliteration and images of faces are age old marketing tools to get people to remember a product. The key is making sure they all work together. I can’t wait to develop a detailed drawing to explore, feel it out, refine it a bit more. Now to move on to the much harder task of working with fonts for the lettering design of the logo.

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2 Responses to Willow Tree Nymph

  1. I like willow trees. There’s a nice one on Conneaut Street that must have a tree nymph living there.

  2. The picture will work well with your logo.

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