Tiger Lilly

Lillies are one of the most beautiful and regal of all the flowers. As an artist I am especially drawn to the very shapely form of the lilly. Their overlapping triangles always make for a nice composition.

This tiger lilly is from my friend Marlo’s garden when she was in Florida. A few winter’s ago when I was rummaging through some files I came across it again and decided it was a perfect subject to warm up a cold season. I later bestowed the tiger lilly painting on some friends as a thank you for a very lovely gift I had received.

Today the lilies in my garden are blooming. They are beautiful! For good practice, I always review my older pieces of work, like this tiger lily painting, and my art journal before starting on a similar subject. This allows me to review my visual notes for what worked well and what could be improved upon.

Nature is sooo amazingly beautiful! I just hope that my admiration and respect for it can inspire others to seek out the amazing nature in their own neck of the woods.


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