About a month ago I created my own wee stylized button icon for Pinterest. It was a tad challenging, but I was so happy to fit it into the illuminated manuscript style of my blog. I’m really happy with how it turned out, but I am biased!

The whole concept of Pinterest is something I’d been craving to use for a while, some sort of visual bookmarking system. I’ve felt nervous, for some time now, about sharing my work online while trying to build up my portfolio for Art Licensing. Luckily, I have my “Masters List” of other professionals to study and model from and under. I watched how they used Pinterest for a couple weeks. I was able to see how I would use it with my own style for building community and cross-marketing before starting. They, inadvertently, showed me how to use it safely with respects to my larger goals in a world of copyright piracy.

I have only dipped my feet in the Pinterest world and am enjoying it. Time to amp things up and get busy along with all the energy that is blossoming back into me! The two most shared items on my boards are from my Inspiration board and a “My Art”  board.

Finally, came home and coded in the button on my site, instead of cracking into my new brushes right away. Forgot I’d reduced the size- oops! Well, I will fix it after dinner. I’m contemplating making the buttons light up slightly with a rollover as I have with other buttons- we shall see. For now getting it up will suffice, the rest can wait!

I also took a run downtown today to support a local arts business being promoted by the Ca$h Mob initiative of the Toledo Choose Local organization. Perfect little artist date for myself as it was to the Art Supply Depō. I took advantage of a 40% off sale they were having on my favorite new designer brushes to paint with! Enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, a short chat with the lovely people who own the store, and ended it all with a little stop in a cafe nearby.

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4 Responses to Pinterest

  1. bill says:

    it should be a grat way to link back to your site anyway

  2. bill mcdaniel says:

    it’s a good way to link back to this blog anyway.

  3. Brenda says:

    It’s also helping me find out what people respond the most to. This will help me hone in on design presentations for Art Licensing!

  4. Iamys O'Laughlin says:

    Cool button, doesn’t work at school 🙁

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