One of my favorite myths of the Korrigan envolves the telling of Dahut. Somehow, the human princess was able to get a force of Korrigan to build a fortress for her. A great city which rose from the sea whose sea walls glistened liked glass. The effect of which was kept by a key which allowed the waters to come and others to enter the great city of Ys.

The Korrigan is a mysterious little creature. Deep in the woods along the waterways in Britttany they have a reputation for mischief.Given their tempermant as temptresses that lure victims to a watery death or steal babies away into the fairy world it is hard to believe they would agree to such a task with out some how serving their own interests.

So, I have fashioned a telling of how the bargain was struck and attached it to the original myth. The story turns the treachery of Dahut into a tragedy of a young inexperienced innocent. I can’t wait to finish editing the work, as I am very happy with it as a kind of retelling of the whole saga. It doesn’t change the original story; but  instead shifts the perspective of the viewer by developing the back story and revealing very important key events that led to the falling of the great walls.


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