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Recently I took advantage of a pretty regular online promotion for some business cards- courtesy of  Vistaprint. I finished my design, which of course started out too busy. (me and crazy details- imagine that) I upgraded to do color on both sides and a super nice glossy over the art image. I paid for shipping so that I would get in time for an exhibit, and never thought twice about it. One day past the latest date possible, per my shipping method of choice, I called to inquire on where they were.

They seemed to have gotten lost in transit, no doubt the small box got stuck in some crevice of a large UPS truck. The nice lady gave me only a 10.00 credit toward a future order, plus sent me a replacement order that while a courtesy two day delivery was added- would not make the exhibit on time. It really should have been a refund.

I got shipment notification late on the second day after placing the new order; but somehow they arrived a day earlier than anticipated. They were still too late for the exhibit. Then the lost order found its way home. I suppose I could be happy about the free box, except the color on the glossy side I paid extra for was way way off. The blue on the opposite side was also off; but it wasn’t as much as a problem. Here is the image as it appeared after upload in my file on Vistaprint for comparison and to confirm they had a good image file.

Very disappointing, the other matte side was perfect though. Needless to say I will not do that again! A friend of mine has parents that work for Zerox. They advised me to use a local printer who could give me specs on how it was printed off the machine, aside from the obvious benefit of getting a proof first. Well we shall see how that works out. In the meantime, most people probably wont be able to tell the purplish rose was suppose to be a warm pale pink.

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