Black Swamp Arts Festival – Gearing Up for 20th!

This year the Black Swamp Arts Festival will be celebrating it’s 20th annual show! There will be a wonderful line-up of talented musicians including Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, Booker T. Jones, and Sanctified Grumblers . Then there is the other major arts venue–Visual Arts–which is the part I chair and organize. I have done a lot to innovate the way the committee works. Our initiatives have been to improve and expedite communications, find new ways to serve and reach artists, attract an increasingly diverse body of artists, and create a more competitive and high quality show. All of this will enrich participant experience and draw larger crowds.


My little darling enjoying herself at the Black Swamp Arts Festival.

One thing that never goes un-commented on is how blown-away our artists are by the warmth and involvement of our local community. It says a lot about this wonderful but small university town of Bowling Green, Ohio. I have heard a lot of great feedback on the things our committee has done, but all of it has been building upon the initiatives of the last chair, Linda Brown, who made dramatic strides to bring the work of our committee out of the wilderness of slide projector jams, 1000’s of slides to manage, 100’s of printed letters to mail, and an incalculable amount of runs to the PO Box. Linda has been a great mentor and her experience has allowed new initiatives to go forward smoothly.

The local paper the Sentinel-Tribune does a few preview articles every year highlighting different aspects of the festival over the summer. This was the second year I sat down to be interviewed about the Visual Arts aspect of the show with David Dupont, the Arts and Entertainment reporter. Last year’s article “Art Show Offers Variety and Quality” highlighted the effectiveness of Linda’s choice to move the juried show’s application process online. I was new to the committee and working hard to learn the ropes (as it were), and our committee was still learning the many advantages of using Zapplication.

The article “Arts Fest Expands Area for Local Artists” highlights one of the biggest successes of our committee while highlighting aspects of the juried show. The most rewarding things for me have been: making things efficient and cost friendly to the artists; striving to ease the workload on my volunteers and committee members; and especially being a part of a vibrant arts culture.

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  1. That picture of Morrigan is adorable!

  2. Thanks Kelly! Apparently, the Toledo Museum of Art thought so too, they put a picture of her painting on one of their brochures.

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