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Black Swamp Arts Festival 20th

Black Swamp Arts Festival 20th

“I believe the BSAF has the highest ranking in Northwest Ohio for two reasons. One being the amazing support the festival receives both from the patrons of our festival and the volunteers. The second being the legacy and spirit of service by those that run the festival towards the community and all the artists (both musical and visual). … The solid history of success and good rankings show our strength as a community and the economic vitality of our city.” -Brenda D. Baker

I‘ve been to many fine arts festivals over the years. I love seeing the variety of work that comes all together, getting to chat with the artists, and all the inspiration that follows. In 2007 I attended my first Black Swamp Arts Festival as a patron. I took all my children and we really loved every aspect of it.

It was a combination of venues I have never seen done anywhere else. There was a Youth Arts section that was full of free activities for kids that they loved doing. Several Sound stages with amazingly talented artists, last year they had Trombone Shorty- unbelievable! Then there is the juried show and a local invitational show.

All three of these venues make for an amazing atmosphere that has something to offer everyone! It is truly unique and very beloved by those who return year after year! I started volunteering on the visual arts committee over a year, and have really learned a lot about art fairs and festivals from both sides.

What I really get a kick out of is how strong a community we have to be able to put on such an amazing festival. There are free top music acts, free kids activities, and so many fine artists; provided with no corporate sponsorship for 3 years in a row and remains open to the public admission free! It only can happen because Bowling Green is such a vibrant and diverse community that invests in itself over and over.

This year the festival climbed slightly in is ranking according to Sunshine Artists Magazine, while other area festivals with a history of being ahead of the Black Swamp Festival have slipped down. I think the ratings show my committees focus on serving artists and the innovations we have been putting to work the last couple years. You can read more in the Sen “Black Swamp Arts Fest advances in ranking” article written by David Dupont Sentinal Arts & Entertainment Editor

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