Art After Hours

Art After Hours

Art After Hours

Here I am working on my monarch butterfly painting during the first ever Art After Hours event following the NOWOH show. It was a wonderful afternoon! I got to hang out with some of my artist friends Randy Bennett and Craig Blair while we listened to some soulful acoustic music performed live.

Many of the downtown businesses hosted an array of art and local musicians for the Art After Hours event. I volunteered to be one of a few artists working live. We set up at tables at Grounds For Thought. Grounds is my favorite coffee shop to date. If you can’t tell by the background, it is also a used book store, plus comics, plus vinyl records, and the best gourmet coffee ever– which comes from their own roasting company. The people here, owners and patrons, are wonderful.

One of the initiatives of the BG Arts Council is to integrate the arts community. It was a really great day for that. The feedback from the people passing through was very heart-warming. It was great to hear so many inquiries on the availability of my work for purchase. (Oh do I ever need to get more prints made.)

It can sound intimidating at first to paint in front of an audience, but really once you get started you forget about everything that’s not a brush with paint. I actually enjoy working around other people. It’s a great icebreaker really. More than anything though–it’s really fun to hang out and work with other artists!

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  1. That’s just awesome!

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