Paying It Forward: Spreading Joy and Light

Almost a year ago I received a package from an artist friend, Tara L. Chang in Seattle, WA. It was full of wonderful handmade treats and copies of some of her artwork on printed postcards. Tara and I share a few common interests: Art, Gardening, and CHOCOLATE.

Naturally  all these things were apparent in the package she sent. I loved her garden and handmade treats, artwork, and the delicious chocolates. The Lavendar Bath Soother  was used while I was recovering from an icky flu, which made it even more of a treat!

This package was from the “Pay It Forward” offering she had shared on her own blog Silver Apples of the Moon.  So in staying true to the spirit of things I decided to do a similar offering the following winter.

The snow is here, the downtown is twinkling with festive lights, and my children have a running lists of holiday treats to bake. It’s officially winter. Winter is cold, can be gloomy and dark, and just begs for sweet surprises.

What I love most about the Pay It Forward concept is that it spreads a little more joy and light into the world. There simply is no better time of year to celebrate the power of kindness and hope. All the various religions out there are celebrating light which perfectly embodies these.

I am sending out to the first person who responds in the comments section an original 5″x5″ Holiday themed painting and some additional handmade goodness, and then to the next two people some prints and handmade goodness as well.

The Paying It Forward rules:

  • The first three people who leave a comment on this post shall join this PIF exchange.
  • The only thing you have to do in return is to pay it forward on your own website or blog.
  • Handmade isn’t always instant gratification; so kindly give up to a year for completion. ( Luckily I already know what I am     going to send so it won’t take me the whole year!)

In addition to Tara L. Chang’s blog you can see more of her wonderful work on her website TLC Illustration.- THANKS AGAIN TARA!


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2 Responses to Paying It Forward: Spreading Joy and Light

  1. Karen Krueger says:

    I am a big fan of the pay it forward concept! I am always looking for ways to pay forward the kindness of others when we have needed help for something. Just this past weekend I received two acts of kindness that without them I would have been paying big bucks to get out of Akron when my car wouldn’t start.

  2. Brenda says:

    So sorry to hear about your car Karen! I can’t wait to bring you your package! It will take a wee bit to finish I’m thinking February. Often when I do such things, I feel I am still paying it back to the collective for so many blessings in the past. True gratitude keeps it that way! 😀

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