Fantail Goldfish Painting from Life Sketch

I forget how challenging depicting white can be with watercolor and to shade with out loosing vibrance. This was one of my favorite fish. I sat by my pond working on sketching him out from life. Sketching from life produces a very different form than from a photo.

Sketching wildlife can be challenging as you can not hold them captive. I often elicit the use of photos to capture things missed during the initial sketch. Luckily in this instance my lil’ fish was bound by the pond and I could count on him swimming in his usual favorite path over and over again.

Artist Tips:

  • Grays can be chromatic or achromatic (so don’t assume the limits of achromatic shading)
  • When sketching from life do not look for the outline or color book lines to copy- you are replicating an understanding of the form not the actual form.
  • Don’t feel a need to hide sketch lines in a painting they can add character; but do avoid using softer pencils whose  loose graphite can muddle the pigment and it’s transparency.
  • Think about the positive and negative ground concept to the use paper.
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2 Responses to Fantail Goldfish Painting from Life Sketch

  1. Lyndit says:

    Love this piece. Really amazing work my dear. Keep it up!

  2. Bodewadmi says:

    bohzo Nikan (Hello friend)

    ni Je Na? (How are you?)

    I love art, it speaks better than people. At least to me. I love your art.

    Have a GREAT day! I have to spend the day in my garden. I will visit your art more.

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