Dawn Rises

The sky has broken

in one breath ….. soft

softly it reaches out

and ever so softly touches,

ever gently; it awakens

and stirs all stillness.

Dawn rises.    In her mist

she seals the mystery.

E’er closely to her breasts

she cages in her hand

a singing bird whose frail voice

laments the dreaming

of deep night and lost stars.

Onward her foot presses

into the resolute hours.

Her eyes pouring soft light

like a lovers prayer

enfolding heavy silence.

Pouring light she summons

life……. urging growth

touching all …….. tremulous

with sacred warmth

… pouring light.

The sky has broken

out of the aching rumbling stirring

of the wind.      Whispering,

into the ears of Dawn,

the last violet shades of night

pass,  till the last of the stars

fade…….  into the vast keeping

of her soul  …… finally at rest.

Holding listless

the laconic melody

that remains

into the resolute hours

She presses onward.

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