Zebra- African Sunrise phase 1

African Sunrise

First Washes on Zebra Colt

Finished the first phase of the African sunrise in the background and the details in the foreground. Artist board requires thicker layering than I am used to but it is a good exercise in adapting techniques. Naples yellow is becoming a very versatile and favorite yellow pigment of mine.

I am getting addicted to working on larger scale. OH MY! With my love of detail, it will really lengthen my finish times on some projects. Particularly the wildlife scene I am working on with the wood frogs. I am putting a few buggy things in the scene and probably will place a snake peeking out somewhere. This will emphasize the circle of life and the diversity of the wetlands which I love so much!

In a week or two we should start finding Dragonfly nymphs climbing out and shedding to reveal they’re amazing wings! It is an awesome thing to watch if you haven’t before- get out and find a natural pond somewhere, the event will not disappoint.

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