White Oak Study

White Oak Leaf with Acorn Watercolor

White Oak Leaf with Acorn

This lovely white oak twig dropped out of the tree after a delightfully stormy night. It was perfect and I fell in love with it so much I decided to paint it. I set it on the microwave to be painted where it sat a couple of days.

Then it got thrown away, and I rescued it from the trash, it lost a leaf and only had three left. But no, I spent a tad bit of time trying to glue the leaf back on- while ignoring the minor damage to the coloring from the coffee grounds. Then the acorn fell out it’s hat.

I glued the acorn back in. Being such a busy week I wanted to photograph it and work from the photograph. No, the camera battery was dead. Got a new battery to find out the camera is dead. Thus I used my cell phone and found it lacks sufficient detail for does not work well for close-ups.

White Oak Detail with Acorn

White Oak Detail with Acorn

Gods, what choice did I have but to sketch it out right away by hand. I painted it yesterday and polished it out with details today. The white oak twig is now about fully dry and brown, so I may paint it again all shriveled and darkened.

The moral of the story- Don’t procrastinate! Ultimately though, it was a demonstration of will.

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