Ushering in the new!

There are a lot of changes coming in. As many of you know I have been working in three areas with my art. Illumination, Illustration, and Art licensing. That will all continue this year and become more focused. I have chosen a great mentor for the art licensing and am looking forward to start working with her and will share more on that later.
I have a very involved and specific portfolio to finish for a particular agent- would love to be brought on board that group. I am also very very very excited to fulfill a deep passion of mine which is Illumination. I have several things ready to go after the early phase of experimenting with some techniques and organic mediums.
While my art is working and being fueled by a modest increase in business I have found that my work spiritually is also picking up in pace. Creativity is flourishing abundantly again- I am so in love with life again, so I am not surprised. However, as things are evolving and growing I can no longer keep them all mixed together.
Things need their own space.

Shortly into the new year I will be announcing a new home for the art aspect of this blog. All the old posts will remain here, but I will cease publishing my art here. Because so many of you find me through my work with alphabets, symbols, and esoteric philosophy- that will be the focus here. It also fits with the title best.

The design will change completely and the current design will carry to the new address. I will transfer only the art articles over.

This is just a summary and I will post more information shortly before the move is final. I also wanted to thank everyone for all your kind words and emails. That kind of connectivity really fuels my creativity.

I don’t know if I will post again before the calendar new year. In case I don’t I want to wish you all well in the new year! Many of you have been visiting from all over the world for over a year now- or so google tells me. May you all be blessed abundantly with the deepest peace, the most compassionate love, and my your lives my forged in the fires of inspiration!
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