Spring’s Seduction – Sonnet

Springs Seduction

I watch the suns gentle return where the snow
has swept down howling through the trees,
where the river runs dispelling a warmer flow,
and flowers rise from beneath the leaves.
I watch the supple red tulips form to bud and bloom,
with heads tilted and mouths opened eager for the sun.
I watch the branches being stripped of shadow by the noon,
sweetly caressing every bough where winter once hung.
While the sunlight plays with springs guests
I watch the days grow warm and long
and it creates a stir within the breasts
and makes the heart beat fast and strong.
Beating with the pulse of desires throb urging,
urging me deeper, deeper into the arms of spring.

© Branna O’Dea

I love the excitement of spring and relish every new bloom that breaks forward to great the day!

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