Pandeia Luna Moth / Moon Faerie


She has been waiting months for completion. I started her and it ended up being a study. Study is a nice way to say mistake; but also a way to prevent over committing your resources to an idea that needs refinement. Really though, as I painted her I noticed a tone the composition made that was not fitting the theme and emphasis I wanted. In the original “study” The moon and faerie do not present the oneness I wanted between them.

Pandeia (concept study)

Pandeia (concept study)

I went back and changed the composition to achieve this. I love Luna moths and do not see them nearly as much in Ohio as in Florida. The Faerie in some ways with her crown overlaps with the one of the Goddess Selene and her daughter Pandeia.

Pandeia is associated with the full moon. Her name means all bright and all divine and in addition to the full moon is associated with the earth nourishing dew. She may be one of the 50 Menae goddesses of the 99 moon cycle of the ancient Greeks.

The Luna moth is large and beautiful and a very lovely shade of green with moon like disks in the wings. This moth spends much time around birch in the north. Given the beauty of birch in moonlight, it just all fit so perfectly.

Pandeia Fae (sketch detail)

Pandeia Fae (sketch detail)

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2 Responses to Pandeia Luna Moth / Moon Faerie

  1. Laura says:

    This is going to be beautiful. Having the moon right behind the wings should really bring them out.

    I love Luna moths. Back when I lived in TN, we had a hatch in our backyard. There were hundreds for a couple of hours. It was beautiful.

  2. Red Fairy says:

    The The Red Fairy loves your work! Refreshing, clear, and images you can walk into.

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