Pandeia Luna Moth / Moon Faerie – first phases

Pandeia Fae (WIP)

Pandeia Fae (WIP)

Pandeia Fae (WIP)

Pandeia Fae (WIP)

Pandeia Fae (WIP)

Pandeia Fae (WIP)

I have finished the bulk of the work on this faery painting. What art work is left to do is a little slower, on account of the brush size I work with for details. I do still have to finish shading the birch before I work with any highlighting too.

I am holding off on this because I still have to get the base tones into the figure of the faery. The last art detailing must be done together to show consistency and proper emphasis. I approach chiaroscuro with much trepidation. It comes so natural for some people but I am rather timid and am afraid to go too far and be stuck. Watercolor is not a forgiving medium.

The last purposeful exercise in chiaroscuro was doing this with Pears. It turned out pretty well, but this faery painting is more challenging because of the inclusion of the light source with a subtle secondary light source around the figure of the faery.

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3 Responses to Pandeia Luna Moth / Moon Faerie – first phases

  1. Lauren says:

    It’s very neat to see your work in progress photos! Beautiful work!

  2. Kiba says:

    I saw the finished painting on Etsy and it is beautiful. Your painting has given me some additional inspiration for a costume I’ve been considering for a while. If I ever get it together I will send you a photograph!

  3. Brenda D. Baker says:

    Thanks So Much both of you! I hope you do send me some photos Kiba. 😀

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