Pandeia Luna Moth / Moon Faerie

Pandeia Fae

Pandeia Fae

Pandeia is associated with the full moon. Her name means all bright and all divine and in addition to the full moon is associated with the earth nourishing dew. She may be one of the 50 Menae goddesses of the 99 moon cycle of the ancient Greeks.

Pandeia Faerie is completed and now finally added to the blog. I have been busy setting up Etsy and Artfire stores as well as preparing other marketing ventures. People and painting are much more fun!

How fun it was to have gotten this up on Etsy and start getting feedback on the full moon! Given that she is all about the full moon. Sketching has started for Garden Faerie collection of 10 various faries shown with fairly common garden flowers. As usual I will work to incorporate the actual wings and colors of the butterflies and moths associated with the plant to the faerie.

I don’t see how it would be any other way- nature uses mimicry after all. I love painting real wings anyway- there is just something empowering about them. I have been inspired since seeing a poster of a life magazine cover, over and over while out for late night coffee with friends so many years ago.

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