Original ACEO of Tulips

Tulip 2 ACEO

Tulip 2 ACEO

What a great week I have had! I am putting up a picture of my first ACEO painting. I think I will do one a week. I have three more to finish in this tulip series and then I think I am move on to something daffodils.

I was amazed how much detail I could fit into such a tiny space. I just wish that the scanner had a better descreening feature, because the finish I use to make it look more like an oil painting is a tad reflective.

These tulips were a gift from my best friend. They were a warm and friendly smile of support during a very busy and stressed week. I love watching things bloom! I wonder what today will bring.

The original was a gift, but prints are available on my Etsy store. Each giclee print is hand retouched and I promise the detail is amazing. I always scan at 800 or higher dpi.

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