Murdhuacha of the Kelp Forests

Literary Sketch

She knows the seal peoples coming and going. She watches the battles that brew between a race of the sea and a race of the land. Pollution is bearing a heavy toll on the creatures of the sea, as the creatures suffer the magic is turning darker. The gentle selkie are not pleased.
Down in the deeps of the kelp forest, she makes her home. She does not tolerate strangers well, so beware of bewitched kelp. To avoid the sting and strangle of the kelp you will want to spend much time eating the plants of the sea so your scent and energy are more aligned with them.
She is also extra wicked in her desiring for shining and light-filled objects. To win her welcome and get her to share her knowledge you need to use a large freshwater pearl. The properties of the pearl will also calm her temper and bring out her more noble side.

She is one of the many characters I sketched out visual and literary concepts while I had the snafu with the twitter mystery. I found it so productive I have begun to do character sketches daily- Really loving it!

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