Llewednae – concept drawing and original sketch

Llywednae Elf (Drawing)

Llywednae Elf (Drawing)

I am beginning this painting this week. I still have to work out sketches for other mythical beings and creatures to round things out. We can’t have all pretty faeries. I had decided to put a pine woodland in the backdrop and continue to play with contrast. The original sketch was done years ago, and was inspired by a similarly noble person, whom I was reacquainted with this week online. So now I am even more excited to paint it, and not just offer up the sketch for sale.

It will be interesting to see how it continues to morph and develop. Inspiration is everywhere! I need to develop the literature concept a bit more by going into some welsh and Scottish myths with Faeries more. I will be posting the progress again. Aiming for phase one and two by Friday- we shall see!

Llywednae Elf (concept sketch)

Llywednae Elf (concept sketch)

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  1. Brenda D. Baker says:

    I have laid this out on 22 x 14″ canvas. It has taken an unexpected turn in its developement. I can’t wait to share the background scene that is developing!

    I love it when creativity flows and paintings take over their own life!

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