Letting Go of an Exercise

Today I am celebrating letting go. In doing so, I am sharing a piece of work that will never ever be finished. I realized a certain distance in that it was not going to work out. I could fight it and make it the best I could- but there is no reason to. I have learned what I needed from the exercise and can move on. The next time I come to the subject I will have a keener understanding of process to render the effects for this subject. I will know what NOT to do- that is huge.

I don’t have to finish everything I start, especially when I have finished learning from the experience. Clearly that is not something that could ever apply to commissions.

Just getting to a place where I can accept letting go has been huge. In the past I would just do all I could to force it to be it’s best so to speak. Knowing it was ludicrous to waste the time on it when the lesson was learned and I could move on to more fruitful things. I suppose this happens in life too.

My next step is to throw the bloody things away. I mean why can’t I throw them out?? Well one thing at a time I guess. I know- I will offer them to the next fire we build in the back yard.

Now I am off to scan the image and share the failure- hope it is liberating as I am so anxious about doing it.
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