Ian’s Birthday the big 10!

This year we let Ian choose his favorite restraunt to celebrate his birthday at. He chose Texas Road House and enjoyed his favorite meal. As did the rest of us. His favorite part ofcourse was when they all came around and gave him the Yehah! birthday cheer on the horse.
Morrigan was beautifully behaved as always and ate her food this time. I love all the pictures we snapped of Ian, and naturally Iamys and Morrigan too. 
After the main course Ian enjoyed his icecream and opening his goodies. Which we immediately followed with a shopping trip to pick out games for his DS. I am very proud of how well behaved they have been the last couple of days with earning that privelage back. 
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3 Responses to Ian’s Birthday the big 10!

  1. Amy says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Ian! Wishing you the best. Jaime and Johnny will be interested in knowing what games you got for your DS. Big hugs and kisses to the 10 year old!!!

    Much Love,

  2. Joe says:

    Hey guys its dad I am looking forward to our trip and hope everything is going well. Love dad

  3. Iamys says:

    thankes dad I cant wait until the grand trip!!!!!

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