Red Eyed Tree Frog

Red Eyed Tree Frog

My boys wanted this for their room years ago- now they don’t like frogs so much, it is all about dragons. I was inspired to look at previous frogs after a recent trip to the zoo.

I’ve started to sketch out a Wood Frog for painting. I really love these guys, frogs and turtles are some of my favorite things to paint. I’ve not been lucky getting the buggers to pose to get the perspective I want- lol. Other than internet searches, I can take a trip to the Toledo Zoo and see if they have one among their many specimens.

The thing my boys love most about him is that wherever you move …….. his eyes will follow you! I have put that trick to use in a few paintings now- it is a lot of fun!

Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying this beautiful world we live in!

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2 Responses to Greenie

  1. Laura says:

    Beautiful! I’ve always loved frogs (and salamanders.) Years ago I did a red-eyed tree frog, in enamel, on my sister’s mailbox. I think the neighbors thought we were a little weird.

  2. Brenda D. Baker says:

    I bet the enamel helped give it a really glossy wet frog skin look! =) If joyful creating is weird- I am the epitome of weirdville. lol

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