Faerie with Lady Bug

Ladybug Faery

Ladybug Faery

I have scrapped an old attempt at illustrating an old sketch because it was too small for the details I wanted and I just didn’t like the mixed media background so much. Here I have redone it in watercolor and am very happy with the results.

Mostly, I am working at experimenting with my self-perceived weak area- backgrounds. I avoid them and would rather just focus on the foreground subject. I used a classic salt technique to aide in the background texture and am quite happy with it. Here is an example of the image with a bit of digital work done over it.

Digital overly

I have also been wanting to play around with a very modern heavily stylized and simplified characters. For creating an illumination style. That seems like torture for someone who loves elaborate details oozing out of everything, but I find such challenges quite meditative.

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