Energy and Potential- Life is Good!

I feel like I am surrounded by a million ideas and all of them are temptations. I have been quite a lot done lately. On the whole spectrum of my life. I am moving very soon, this will save me so much commute time and more and result in more productivity. I am very excited about that. The school year is over so that also will help. Organizaton = time. 
There is so much more I want to share and post, but I have learned to be careful about the timing of such. I have run into several mentors through twitter that are inspiring me. It has helped me to see that I want a coach specific to my goals. So I am shopping around and sampling personalities and such. 
I love the diversity in the art world and there are a lot of great people out there- twitter is proving a resourceful tool in both directions. I am enjoying it so much I think I should start sharing some fo the great art articles I have been finding on twitter too.
Also did I mention about the Celtic Friend Network via Ning. Great place for artisans of all types if you like the celtic genre- I will share more soon!
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