Custom Celtic Knotwork

This is a sampling of the custom celtic knotwork illustration that I am working on for my main website.  It is just one step. I will be placing my gallery there and will have originals for sale there. Then once it is all done I will have to get the main site for the merchandise ready.

I have had ideas bouncing around for a while and finally they all cemented into a cohesive vision! What was most exciting is the collaboration that is coming out of it. You can see above the various parts are interlinkable in many pattern possibilities. Someone I went to college with has decided that my patterns would make good clip art or fonts- So we are working out the details. For this reason, I can not show all the other segments created for this particular pattern set. Just these that are illustrated thus for my site.

Tomorrow you will see more of the custom Celtic Knotwork that is being used. I am so excited to share it. I seem to have phases with my various genre and feel it has been a tad too long since I have designed any. I hope you enjoy!
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