Custom Celtic Knotwork II

These are the other custom celtic knotwork designs that will be used on my main site. The triskel is going to be challenging to paint with the gold but it will be so worth it! The raven/crows being a theme of mine have continued but downplayed. The picture of the one in the middle is and end/bottom cap for the last R in Baker. I am quite happy at how it will work as a design element to put the eyes back toward the center of the page!

I thank all of you that have given, and continue to give me so much feedback and encouragement! Especially my Amy, my soul sister, my best friend, my anam cara- I can not wait to see you next month!

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2 Responses to Custom Celtic Knotwork II

  1. Typegeek says:

    Your work is really incredible Bren. I can't wait to see more and explore your links.

  2. Brenda D. Baker says:

    Thanks! I enjoy the challenge of designing the knotwork more than painting it. OHH You must check out OMNIGLOT link for certain if you are a typegeek- great list of alphabets there! 😀

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