Celtic Knotwork for Art Site

The first painting I did of this Celtic knotwork was damaged right before we moved. Client work and moving sure kept me busy, but here we are all done and refined for their use on the web. A little bit more tweaking to do for the patterns on the website but almost done otherwise.

I surprised myself with how easy it was for me to reproduce and render the same result if need be. One thing about painting knotwork is it makes me eager for my goals after October. I am so eager to order the pigments and play.

The next set of knotwork I will be working on will be of the elemental triskels, but I am still doing the research needed for them. I am doing a lot of painting behind the scenes but have been asked not to share them “publish them” on the net. Concept sketches are ok, and I may sneak in a few of the wash studies from my outings.

Balancing solitude and socialization has been challenging, summer is so much fun- but I get less done in the summer.

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