Baby Portrait II

Just finished the last details. I have one more this week and then I will have to decide if I want to paint them in watercolor or oil. I don’t like the smell and fumes of oils- but have been pushed to try water soluble oils.
I worked hard to get the look of soft morning light. Too much contrast changes the mood- not enough is bland. I am always so timid about it, after all once you’ve gone too far you can’t exactly undo it.
I feel this great urge to get everything on my slate finished. Mostly so my painting time at the start of the year can go into working with parchment and egg temperas. I am really really eager to get to that- but can’t throw discipline aside.
Still working at the illustration portfolio and have to work with warriors or beast next. Not exactly my favorites- but at the least I have boys who love the stuff to give good feedback. Would like to pick up my pace- but at least things are moving steadily.

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