And Where Will I Find You

And Where Will I Find You

And where will I find you
in the folds of shadow and dream?
in-between what is lost and
what is found in the ommissions
of time and the frail murmuring
voice of enchantment.
Where will I find you?

The days slip and dart tormenting
the lost fate of yesterday.
Here I wait in the old places.
Here I stand with held breath
not knowing your eyes again.

Who am I to complain
having been filled before
with such alluring light.
The blind can not see.
Does it spare them the agony?

So where will I find you?
Retreated into solitude’s embrace,
abandoning the seductions of
destiny and her dance.

Does she hold you warmly,
is she gentle like wind,
cruel like wind
tossing you
from comfort

I am windswept and torn
yet still I cling to the harbor
of silence and stillness.

So how will I find you,
trembling at the thought of stepping outside.

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