Snip Snip Hairay!

It is the week of cuts. We cut out the home phone service we never use, got rid of cable, chucked the eat out portion of the budget. And well… I guess it transferred over to hair. I have kept my hair about the same length since Morrigan was born. I have not let it grow out down to my waist like it was the summer I was pregnant. Unfortunately, when I took off that 20″ I forgot about Locks of Love.

This time I have two braids to send off. I like the bob, simple to care for- haven’t had it since college which is about the last time I had red in my hair too. You can mail in your hair to Locks of Love by following the guidelines on their website : Locks of Love

Some of the photos were taken in my studio to incorporate to my artist blog. Lil’ Morr sure had a blast there. She looks like such a Lady in the chair. Now I am off to get Yule letters and cards ready.

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