Raven Knotwork

This is a preview of some of the knotwork I am doing, as a part of my celtic series. It is an edited version of the banner above, and soon to be raven knotwork design of the banner on the new design for the blog. hopefully I will have that done soon. yes it well still have that eccentric old book feel, but with more color and a little more artist style.

I have been studying pigments and colors from the ancient manuscripts and worked many of those elements into the patterns. There are certain specific yellow pigment from the isles I am hoping to track down and play with soon. particularly the faux gold pigments.

I hope you enjoy the raven knotwork, this celtic piece will soon be available in prints with one of the Morrigan prophecies in both Irish and English. I can’t wait to start working on the spirals and triskeles!

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